PromethION prize draw - hosted by NGI

In this drawn, two prizes will be awarded by NGI, each will include free library construction and sequencing on 1 PromethION flow cell.

For each prize, one winner will be selected in a random draw from all qualified PromethION Sequencing Draw entry forms.

Terms and conditions:

  • Only Swedish academic users attending the live event are eligible to enter the draw
  • Only DNA/cDNA projects are accepted to enter the draw, one sample per project
  • Minimal amount of DNA must be at least 3 ug, and it should be of high molecular weight and high purity
  • The samples must be submitted no later than 30th of October 2020
  • Deadline for submissions: Tuesday 9th June 2020

UGC will perform:

  • Library construction and sequencing of 1 sample on 1 Flow cell for each of the two winners.
  • Base-calling and delivery of the fastq data. UGC will contact the winners to set up a planning meeting.  

Please complete the form below to be entered into this prize draw.

PromethION prize draw - hosted by NGI