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The PromethION 2 is a self-contained benchtop device that can run up to two PromethION Flow Cells at a time. It contains fully-integrated compute and a screen for generating, analysing and visualising nanopore data.

Why choose P2?

  • Self contained benchtop device with compute inside.​Powerful GPU and built in screen​
  • Can run up to 2 PromethION Flow Cells​
  • High accuracy DNA/RNA sequencer​

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Starter pack costs CapEx costs
$59,995.00 $79,995.00


Developer devices targeted to ship Q1 2023, Early Access devices targeted to ship Q3 2023 

 Device specifications
Processor Latest generation CPU processor
 GPU Latest generation Ampere NVIDIA GPU for basecalling acceleration
 Storage 16 TB SSD

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