Registration of interest: Novel Coronavirus


This web page allows you to contact Oxford Nanopore if you are specifically interested in using Oxford Nanopore Technology in the current nCoV outbreak. If you have more general interests then please contact us on our standard contact form.

如果您对当前在2019-nCoV爆发中使用Oxford Nanopore的技术感兴趣,请使用此网页与我们联系。如果您对在技术在其它方面的应用感兴趣,请通过我们官网的“联系我们”表格与我们取得联系。

You can read our post about nCoV here.


Please only get in touch if you are a researcher or public health professional. We are unable to respond to members of the public about nCoV. If you are concerned please visit / or

我们仅接受研究人员或公共卫生专业人员与我们取得联系。我们无法就2019-nCoV对公众进行回应。您可以访问世界卫生组织 或中国疾控中心网站查询最新发布。