Registration of interest: VolTRAX V2b

The VolTRAX V2b device is an Early Access product and is still being actively developed.

The table below lists all currently available features and features that will be available at a later date. Please ensure that the currently available features and kits of the VolTRAX device is suitable for your planned application.

If you have more general interests then please contact us on our standard contact form.

  Enabled Future Feature
Fully-automated library preparation  
Adjustable PCR cycling conditions  
Sample extractions  
Full programmability  
Fluorescence detection  


Currently available kits for the VolTRAX V2b Device:

Kit Name PN Description
VolTRAX Sequencing Kit VSK-VSK004 Rapid library preparation kit for DNA
VolTRAX PCR Tiling 1-12 Covid-19 VSK-PTC001 Kit for library preparation and multiplexing of up to 4 SARS-CoV-2 samples
VolTRAX RT-PCR Sequencing Kit 1-12 VSK-VPS001 A kit to multiplex up to 4 samples per cartridge to generate user-defined targeted PCR amplicons from RNA samples